Services to meet all your needs

Business Services

Our top priority in providing business services is to help organizations and businesses plan and strategically prepare to succeed. We assist organizations to design customized accounting systems, implement systematic approaches to accounting, and design other systems that will facilitate day-to-day operations and management reporting. This effort is reinforced by our training classes that are geared to provide management with the confidence needed to tackle daily accounting and financial related issues needed for organizational and business success.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are focused on providing outsourced accounting and audit services. We are also available to play the role of your in-house accountant or controller at reasonable fees if you so choose. These services can be provided at your office location or ours, and you need not worry about shoe-box accounting any more.

As a minority-owned company, ACS, Inc. also assists governmental entities, CPA firms and other consultants to meet the governmental mandates relating to using minority-owned businesses to provide accounting, consulting and financial services. Where determined necessary, we seek to participate in joint-venture opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of our services.

ACS Training Center

Our training classes are designed to assist the staff of non-profit organizations and business owners to increase their knowledge-base of accounting and finances. This will enable them to reduce financial accountability and compliance pressures and operate more efficiently and increase productivity. The classes are also designed to help individuals who participate in non-profit board meetings to sharpen their knowledge of financial matters and increase their understanding of financial statements. Our technical assistance services are designed to respond to the unique and specific needs of restructuring or developmental-stage organizations. It is our continued mission to support businesses and organizations by providing them with cost-effective training classes that will assist them to minimize operating costs, reduce risks, increase efficiency and enhance the chances to be successful.

For more information on class schedules, contact us at 412.260.9008.

We provide business services in:                           
–Accounting Systems Design
–Procedure Manual Development
–Budget and Cash Flows Preparation
–Business Plan and Cost Analysis
–Financial Statements Preparation
–Business Advisory Services
–Business Start-up Services
–Financial Services
–Tax Services
Our core consulting services are:
–Controllership Functions
–Outsourced Accounting Services
–Audit Support Services
–Forensic Accounting Services
We provide training in the following areas:
–QuickBooks Training
       One-On-One Classes
       Group Classes
–Accounting for Non-accountants
–Accounting for Construction Contractors
–Individualized Technical Assistance